Grief Education and Healing

Grief Education and Healing

Helping You Take the First Step in Your Grief Journey.

Wilshire Hospice Bereavement is here to help.

Grief affects our lives on all levels and can takes its toll on us – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Well-intentioned as our family and friends may be, their support isn’t always enough. At such times we need to look elsewhere for help. Wilshire Hospice Center for Grief, Education and Healing is able to offer such this kind of assistance to our patients and their families.

Grieving is a normal but difficult time.

We offer grief assistance for the Hospice patient while he or she progresses through the last stage of life. Additionally, we provide help for the family during the Hospice experience (known as anticipatory grief work) and for at least thirteen months following the death of the Hospice patient.

All grief deserves attention and understanding.

Our Bereavement Team is here to provide family members with a safe, accepting environment for the expression of feelings and thoughts. Our staff is trained in grief counseling for adults, adolescents and children. A comfortable room is designated for adult bereavement counseling sessions, and a special children’s bereavement room was built expressly for the distinct needs of the children and grandchildren of our patients. It is filled with tools such as art supplies, books and puppets, that counselors use to aid youngsters in their grief work.

Individual and Group Counseling

Take the Next Step That’s Right for You.

Individual and/or family bereavement counseling is available. Visits take place in our office by appointment.

Group sessions are available in-office and around San Luis Obispo County.
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